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E ast west health is a community project supported by the National Lottery - Awards for All, the Sound Sense Charity, local businesses and members of the public. The projects core sessions began in 2006 in Leeds. It is a specialist lead programme which has seen 100's and 100s of people benefit. Clinical conditions include, heart, lung, cancer, diabetes, parkinsons, skeletal, mental and a wide variety of others. Online resources are available vis the East West project to help ease and rehabilitate.

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Tai Chi is ancient Chinese health system with great health benefits. It is supported by the NHS for many health giving aspects and enjoyed around the world by millions of people.

The online resources give you access to carefully selected tuition which you can learn at your own pace. There are a variety of health providing resources such as nutrition, health and meditation.

Online Health Courses

Clinical short courses
designed to help
you feel better.

100's of people have
benefited over 15yrs.

  • National Lottery

    Portal for online health

  • the Missing Link

    Support from Local Developers

  • Sound Sense

    Community Charity est 2002

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O nline resources are available via the community network. This portal gives you easy to follow courses in tai chi, meditation, nutrition and a wide variety of other short courses. Quick, simple and a superb way to get you daily activities on the right path.

Community Health Project

Established in 2005
in Leeds, UK.

Registered charity helping
the community reduce
impacts of health conditions.
Online resources available.

  • Awards for All

    Eastern health courses

  • Sound Sense

    Health & Respite Charity

Specialist Support

S support is available via phone, email, zoom and community classes which run most days of the week. However, due to COVID classes have been temporarily closed. To gain access to the online resources please follow the enrol link at the bottom left of this page.

  • British Lung

    The Sound Sense charity actively supported its specialist key worker in a National study conducted by the British Lung Foundation.

    The study was to determine the effects of ancient tai chi and chi Kung exercises in patients and members of the community living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

    Over the years many people living with COPD have benefited from Sound Sense's health programmes. Through live classes, 1 to 1 health programmes, NHS liaison and a host of other methods.

  • National Lottery

    Thanks to the National Lottery - Awards for All, ;local businesses and hard work from Sound Sense the East West project has been able to grow and build on the many years of clinical programmes provided in the community.

    Learn tai chi, chi kung, nutrition, meditation and a variety of other health giving activities. You will end up feeling better. Applications are vetted but don't worry, this is for your benefit. All information is confidential.

  • Rehabilitation

    Nearly all rehabilitation involves consideration of a better diet. The East West health project gives you the foundation of a well balanced diet and insights in to Eastern aspects.

    This does not mean that you should not seek the guidance of a dietitian, NHS professional or clinical worker.

    So, simply enrol today and enjoy the resources that have been made available to you. Learn to eat better and stay healthier. The saying life is for living is a good one however, you can live it better with vitamin L.

  • Clinical Specialist

    This is Gareth, he runs the rehab programmes and is course tutor on a wide variety of nationally registered programmes. He is a clinical specialist in heart rehabilitation, specilaises in pulmonary health and is a referral consultant for local NHS and community groups.

    Gareth teaches and assess to degree level with key focus on specialists heart and lung programmes and for a wide variety of health conditions.

    Gareth has been learning Tai Chi and Chi Kung since 1990. Yang style and Li style tai chi and chi kung. You can contact Gareth directly for guidance whether its clinical or simply about how to do the next move in a tai chi form.


O nline resources are quick and easy to use. You can view them from your iPad, tablet, mobile phone and your smart TV and just about anywhere else you can get an INTERNET connection. Learn how to make these great changes that are going to help you live better.

Tai Chi Online

Health Resources

Tutor Support

T utor support is available via phone, zoom, email and a variety of resources within the East West Portal. With over 30yrs of yoga, tai chi and chi kung practice the east West project presents simple and easy exercises for you to do each day or at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You can also join live zoom classes and meet new people. The system is great it just needs to you to take the first step. So, enrol now, click the enrol button at the bottom left of this page.

  • Image of Gareth the Pest Control Leeds Technician
    • Expert Support

      Gareth is a clinical specialist in cardiac rehab and tutors and assesses on a wide variety of national qualifications. Degree level clinical conditions.

    • Decades of
      Tai Chi

      Over 30yrs of tai chi, chi kung and yoga practice. He says that in some way he has practiced every day for decades and looks forward to meeting everyone in the East West project.

    • Health & Fitness Specialist

      Your tutor has delivered many key programmes within the community. Programmes have helped cardiac, pulmonary and cancer patients to name a few. Until COVID classes were running most days of the week in the community but have now moved online.

    • Disclosure and Barring Check

      Gareth is DBS checked and vetted by the Sound Sense charity so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

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